9-Year-Old Michaela Garecht Was Abducted and Murdered in 1988

On November 18, 1988, nine-year-old Michaela Garecht and her friend Katrina Rodriguez decided to ride their scooters to a nearby store in Hayward, California to get candy and soda. Leaving their home at 10:15 am, it didn’t take long for them to arrive at Rainbow Market as it was only two blocks away from their home, on the corner of Mission Boulevard and Lafayette Avenue.

Michaela and Katrina left their scooters by the front door and went inside. When they exited the store a few minutes later, Katrina’s scooter was still by the front door, but Michaela’s was gone. It had been moved to the back of the store by the parking lot next to a parked vehicle.

As soon as little Michaela attempted to retrieve her scooter, a man emerged from the parked vehicle, grabbed her and flung her into the backseat of his car as she screamed. The man sped away and Michaela was never seen again.

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