A 31-Year-Old Cold Case Comes to a Shocking Close

Fawn Marie Cox was a sixteen-year-old Kansas city kid. She was a regular high school teenager; she had a part-time job, she went to church with her family on Sundays and she stayed out of trouble.

It was late and Fawn was tired. She had gotten home from a shift at Worlds of Fun at 11 pm. At some point in the night, the family dog started barking so loudly the noise woke Fawn’s sister Felisa up. Felisa didn’t think anything of it and went back to sleep.

The next morning, Felisa and Fawn’s mother Beverly went into Fawn’s bedroom. Her alarm hadn’t stopped beeping. Beverly began shaking her daughter over and over trying to wake her up. It was then she realized her daughter would never wake up.

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