A Crush Turned Deadly: The Jenny Jones Show

The murder of a talk show guest ended their 12-year reign on television

Photo source, Daily Mail UK

If you’re like me, you grew up watching The Jenny Jones Show, an American talk-show full of out-of-control teens, paternity tests and makeovers. Comedienne and actress Jenny Jones ran the show for twelve years until a gruesome murder involving a guest made headlines and dropped ratings, forcing the show’s inevitable ending.

The Jenny Jones Show reached out to a man named Jonathan Schmitz. The producers of the show informed Schmitz he had a secret admirer and invited him to be a guest on the talk-show along with the other party, whose identity was kept a secret.

Schmitz was both flattered and curious, he quickly decided he would participate. One thing the producers of the show left out, was that Schmitz’s secret admirer was a man.

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