• Fatim Hemraj

Abducted From a Parking Lot & Murdered, Now She Saves Lives

18-year-old Kelsey Ann Smith had just graduated from high school and was looking forward to attending Kansas State University in the coming months. Kelsey was funny, creative and passionate. She loved to try new things, from singing in a choir to running track to playing clarinet in a marching band, Kelsey did it all. She had a personality larger than life, according to her father Greg, Kelsey lived more in eighteen years than some people do in their entire lives.

Kelsey’s giving nature ensured those around her always felt loved and appreciated; she would show up at a friend’s doorstep on their birthday with a bouquet of balloons and as a child, Kelsey made sure if her parents bought her treat, they bought one for her four siblings, too. The same applied to Kelsey’s boyfriend John when she went to buy him a gift for their 6-month anniversary. Unfortunately, Kelsey was never able to give John his present, because she never came home.

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