App Leads Women to Body of Missing Friend

22-year-old Binghamton University student Haley Anderson met her boyfriend Kevin Ocampo on campus. Like Haley, Kevin was also a nursing student. While Haley only wanted a casual relationship, Kevin wanted commitment. Their differences led to several arguments and although the couple broke up several times, they always got back together.

In 2016, Kevin threw a party at his off-campus apartment and it was there Haley met Orlando Tercero, a nursing student from Nicaragua. The pair hit it off, becoming close friends and even lovers during a time when Haley and Kevin were broken up.

After a brief fling, Haley told Orlando she was getting back together with Kevin. He was overcome with jealousy and refused to accept her decision. Orlando often showed up at Haley’s home uninvited to see if she was Kevin. He called and texted her at all hours of the day and night, threatened to kill himself and at one point, even slashed Haley’s tires.

Haley filed a police report but she refused to press charges when she learned Orlando would be charged with a felony, meaning he would be kicked out of school and deported.

Haley’s decision, although gracious, would prove to be fatal.

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