Bullied Teenager Beaten and Drowned While Schoolmates Watch

14-year-old Reena Virk spent her entire short life just trying to fit in. As an Indian girl and a Jehovah’s Witness to boot, Reena was described as, ‘a minority within a minority.’ She was a loner who wanted nothing more than to just fit in. Unfortunately, the more she tried to relate to her schoolmates, the more she was bullied. The mistreatment led Reena to run away from home several times, looking for any escape from her world of torment.

In addition to being severely bullied and excluded from social events, Reena’s religion meant she never even celebrated a single birthday. She wanted nothing more than to blow out a birthday candle or be invited to a party or a school dance. As a teenage girl, she most likely dreamt of her first date, first kiss, and first love. Unfortunately, she would never get the chance to experience those milestones, as a group of teenagers selfishly decided her life wasn’t worth living, and callously stole it from her.

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