Five-Year-Old Isabella Nardoni Was Thrown Out of a Sixth-Story Window

Her murder was the most infamous case of filicide in all of Brazil

Isabella Nardoni. Photo source, Veja SaoPaulo

Alexandre Nardoni and Ana Carolina Oliveira met in school in São Paulo, Brazil. They quickly became enamoured with one another and Oliveira unexpectedly became pregnant at seventeen. While Oliveira was pregnant, her relationship with Nardoni began to fall apart. Nardoni wanted Oliveira to move in with him, but she was convinced he was cheating on her and decided to leave him instead.

Oliveira’s instincts were correct. Nardoni had met a woman named Anna Carolina Jatobá in law school and the two engaged in an affair while Oliveira was still pregnant with Nardoni’s child.

Once Isabella was born, Oliveira and Isabella moved in with Oliveira’s parents. Eventually, Alexandre created his own family; he married his mistress Jatobá and together they had two sons. Oliveira and Nardoni set up a custody schedule; Isabella would live with Oliveira and stay with her father, her step-mother and her two half-brothers on the weekends.

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