Former Governor of Idaho Candidate Arrested in 36-Year-Old Cold Case

Updated: Apr 17

Jonelle Matthews will finally receive justice

Jonelle Matthews. Photo source, Daily Mail UK

Jonelle Matthews was a twelve-year-old girl who lived in Greeley, Colorado with her adoptive parents, Jim and Gloria Matthews and her older sister, Jennifer. Jim was a school principal and Gloria stayed at home with the children. The four visited church together as a family when they could.

Jonelle’s birth mother Terri Vierra-Martinez was only thirteen when she gave birth to her. After a month of being a new mother, Terri realized she was not capable of the responsibility due to her young age and placed Jonelle up for adoption.

According to Jonelle’s older sister Jennifer, Jonelle was sassy and independent. She was well cared for by her adoptive family and had a very loving childhood.

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