The Horrifying Kidnapping and Murder of Denise Amber Lee

Updated: Apr 17

A witnessed called 911, but officers were never dispatched

Denise and Nathan began dating in her senior year of high school. They were a classic case of ‘opposites attract.’ Denise was a timid math whiz and bookworm who mostly kept to herself while Nathan was a popular jock who loved to socialize and crack jokes.

A whirlwind romance turned into a beautiful marriage with two loving children. The family of four settled in North Port, Florida where Nathan worked three jobs to support his family. Finances were tight but it didn’t matter to the Lees’, they were happy. All they wanted was to raise their children and grow old together.

For their first Valentine’s Day together, Nathan gave Denise a heart-shaped ring and she wore it every single day, until January 17, 2008.

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