• Fatim Hemraj

I-45 Serial Killer Sentenced to Death for 1997 Murder of Teen Girl

Born July 1, 1959, William Lewis Reece grew up in Anadarko, Oklahoma with twelve siblings. His mother was often cruel and distant towards her son, who she tried to give away to an aunt when he was only a toddler. Not much else is known about William’s childhood or what led him to prey on young, jovial brunettes. Was he envious of their free-spirited ways or were his crimes fuelled by lust and desire? Perhaps William is simply a sadist who enjoyed inflicting pain upon the vulnerable.

William first met shy, quiet, Judy Fleming when the pair were only nineteen. It was love at first sight for him but Judy didn’t reciprocate. When she rejected his advances, William threatened to shoot himself, or her. In fear of what he might do, Judy accepted his proposal and in 1979, the couple said, “I do.”

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