• Fatim Hemraj

Mom-Daughter Duo Accused of Lacing Man's Oatmeal With Fentanyl, Strangling Him With Tie

On January 17, 2021, it was Francis Kelley's 46th birthday. He had planned to spend the day with his beloved 9-year-old daughter whom he shared custody of with an ex-girlfriend, but he never showed to pick her up. The next day, Francis' ex-girlfriend had still not heard from him. Feeling concerned, she phoned the police and requested they conduct a welfare check.

Authorities attended Francis' home in Carmel, Indiana but their knocks went unanswered. Since they didn't have a warrant or a reason to believe Francis was in danger, they left. Later that same day, Francis' ex-girlfriend was able to gain entry into the home by herself at which time she found him deceased on the sofa. She called 911 and they returned to the scene.

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