Realtor Lured to Fake House Showing and Murdered

In 2006, Lindsay Buziak enrolled in a real estate course in the hopes of changing careers. It was there she met Jason Zailo, a licensed broker. The two hit it off and quickly became a couple, with Jason taking Lindsay under his wing. The pair worked for Jason’s mother Shirley Zailo at the Camosun Remax office in Victoria, B.C. Real estate appeared to be the perfect opportunity for someone as socially adept and self-motivated as Lindsay. She would be able to exercise her strong people skills and gain financial freedom at the same time, a dream most of us cling to.

On February 2, 2008, 24-year-old Lindsay’s life came to an abrupt end after she was lured to a fake house showing by a mysterious pair who had no intention to buy a home, but every intention to brutally murder her. After thirteen agonizing years, Lindsay’s murder has yet to be solved, and her killers roam free.

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