Self-Described Incel Rammed a Van Into Twenty-Six People

Alex Minassian’s former classmates and employers described him as a ‘nice guy,’ ‘harmless’ and ‘respectful.’ In elementary and high school, Alex attended special classes due to his learning difficulties from being on the Autism spectrum. His classmates remembered him as a student who mostly kept to himself and was not very social.

After graduating from high school, Alex began pursuing a degree in Information Technology at Seneca College in North York, Ontario and worked on various projects developing apps for different companies.

In 2017, Alex enrolled in the Canadian Armed Forces but unfortunately, he could not adapt to military life. He was not used to the social interactions which were required of him and he disliked wearing his uniform. After only sixteen days in training, Alex requested a voluntary release which he was granted.

Alex described himself as an incel, meaning he was ‘voluntarily celibate after failing to find sexual partners.’ He was a part of several ‘men’s rights activist’ groups on Facebook where he and other men would chat about their lack of sexual activity and common hatred for females.

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