She Murdered Her Best Friend to Cover Up a Raped

Updated: Jul 9

21-year-old Alexis Crawford was strangled and dumped in a park during the early morning hours of Halloween

21-year-old Alexis Crawford was a Social and Criminal Justice senior at Clark Atlanta University. Raised in Athens, Georgia, Alexis grew up with five brothers and four sisters, all of whom were incredibly close. After moving an hour and a half away for school, Alexis maintained daily contact with her loved ones who described her as beautiful, bright and brilliant.

Aside from being an advocate for criminal justice, Alexis was also an artist. When she wasn’t busy with schoolwork or studying for exams, Alexis spent her time sketching.

On October 30, 2019, Alexis vanished. One minute she was laughing on facetime with her mother, the next, she was simply gone. Nine agonizing days later, Alexis’s body was found in a park in Dekalb County. She had been dumped in the cold during the early morning hours of Halloween.

Alexis’s family was shocked to discover that one of those responsible for her cruel and unnerving death was someone who had spent many holidays in their home, her closest and most trusted friend.

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