Teen Kills Mother for Getting in the Way of Plot to Kill Ex-Boyfriend

Jacquiline Nicole “Nikki” Reynolds was adopted at three months old by Robert and Billie Jean Reynolds, a loving devout Christian couple from Coral Springs, Florida. The Reynolds’ lived in a charming house in an affluent neighbourhood and they made it a priority to give Nikki everything she asked for; the word ‘no’ was not in their vocabulary.

Nikki achieved high grades in school, participated in extra-curricular activities and attended church every Sunday. The Reynolds’ were incredibly proud of their well-behaved and obedient daughter, but things changed when she entered her sophomore year of high school. Suddenly, Nikki was more interested in the opposite sex and less interested in her religious obligations.

When Nikki met 16-year-old Carlos Infante in American History class in 1995, nothing else seemed to matter.

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