The Albertsons Supermarket Massacre

On June 3, 1999, at 3 in the morning, former marine 23-year-old Zane Michael Floyd phoned an escort service called ‘Love Bound’ and requested the services of a young female. A half-hour later, a 20-year-old woman arrived at his Las Vegas home, unaware of the horrors she would soon face.

Zane restrained the woman, raped and sodomized her for the next hour and a half. As she sobbed and pleaded with him to let her go, Zane taunted her with a gun, threatening to shoot her. He claimed he had 19 bullets, destined for the next 19 people he saw.

Just before 5 am, Zane released the woman and told her she had sixty seconds to run for her life. She ran, and never looked back.

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