• Fatim Hemraj

The Black Widow of Pennsylvania

On the outside, mother of eight and wife to four, 76-year-old Myrle Miller, looks like a sweet, doting grandmother who could do no wrong, but since 1986, those around her have mysteriously dropped dead, become ill or gone missing, never to be seen again. Could these merely be coincidences, as she tries to insinuate, or does Myrle play a part in each tragedy? After all, she is the common denominator in this equation.

High school sweethearts Myrle and Ronald Rovenolt tied the knot in 1961 and settled in Minton, Pennsylvania. During their marriage, Myrle was frequently in trouble with the law, she garnered nearly a dozen convictions for her nasty habit of forging cheques. In 1986, she told her dear husband she wanted a divorce, but Ronald refused to sign the papers. In November, he was in the hospital with acute arsenic poisoning.

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