Teen Actress Found Strangled in Her Bed

Updated: Jul 9

Her killer was caught while at her vigil.

At only 19 years old, Jessie Blodgett was an undeniably talented stage actor and gifted musician. She discovered a passion for the arts at a young age, belting her heart out in choir and enrolling in every theatre class possible throughout her school years.

After high school, Jessie attended the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee on a scholarship in Music Education. Following graduation, she worked part-time at a restaurant and opened her own business teaching piano, violin and voice to local children from her home in Hartford, Wisconsin, where she lived with her adoring parents, Buck and Debra.

Jessie’s loved ones described her as an animal rights activist, a strong supporter of social equality and an advocate against gender-based violence. Her dream was to become a choir director, touch as many lives as possible and use music to impact others and change the world.

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