The Murder of Tina Tournai

23-year-old Kristina “Tina” Tournai met John Sandoval at the University of Northern Colorado where she was studying to become a nurse. The pair began dating and on December 31, 1991, they exchanged their vows at a lavish wedding ceremony in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Tina graduated in the top 5% of her class and was hired at the North Colorado Medical Center. John acquired a job at a local cemetery.

Tina thought she had married the man of her dreams, but it turned out John wasn’t the person she thought he was. Five months into their marriage, he was arrested for stalking a female co-worker and breaking into her home. He was sentenced to five weeks in jail. Tina soon learned it wasn’t John’s first stint behind bars.

John gained sexual pleasure by spying on women in intimate situations without their knowledge. In other words, he was a serial peeping tom with a lengthy criminal record for stalking, harassment and burglary. John would stalk women, break into their homes, hide and watch them for hours. He would often steal his victims' panties to keep as souvenirs.

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