The Story of Sally Horner: The Real Lolita

A book inspired by the abduction and sexual grooming of an 11-year-old child

If you have read the 1955 novel Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov you’ve experienced the feeling of reading a book both enthralling and disturbing all at the same time. In Lolita, a book described as controversial erotic fiction, Humbert becomes sexually interested in young girls after the death of his one true love, Annabel who succumbs to her death from a fatal case of lupus.

Humbert, an English teacher eventually settles in a small town in New England in 1947 where he begins writing his novel. The house is soon destroyed by a raging fire. Following the unfortunate incident, Humbert meets a widow named Charlotte and decides to take her up on her offer of moving into her house when he sees her daughter, Dolores.

Humbert is immediately sexually drawn towards twelve-year-old Dolly, or ‘Lolita.’ Soon after, Humbert marries Charlotte in order to be a stepfather to Dolly, and to remain close to her at all times. It’s not long before Charlotte finds out about Humbert’s perverted views towards her young daughter from his diary. She immediately pens several letters exposing Humbert to be sent to several of her friends. As she runs out onto the street to deliver the letters, she is hit by a car and is killed.

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