Wannabe Plastic Surgeon Dismembers His Parents After They Cut Him Off

Joel Guy Jr.’s father Joel Sr. was a pipeline engineer and his mother Lisa worked in Human Resources at an engineering company. As a result, Joel Jr. grew up in a very privileged and lax household; he never once held a job as his parents supported him financially throughout his entire life; they paid for his tuition at Louisiana State University, his rent in Baton Rouge and anything else he required. Joel’s sister Angela later stated that their mother felt like she ‘only worked to give her paycheque’ over to her son.

Things changed in November of 2016. The Guy’s had grown tired of paying for their then 28-year-old sons' decade-long education to become a plastic surgeon and cut him off. They decided it was time for him to learn financial responsibility, to get a job and stand on his own two feet.

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