Woman Stabbed to Death by Foster Daughter Who Had Secret Affair With Husband

Lisa & her daughter. Source: Dateline

Sabrina Zunich had anything but an easy life. Her parents struggled with addiction and had a laundry list of crimes ranging from grand theft auto to drug abuse. They soon abandoned Sabrina who was forced to move in with her grandmother. Sabrina’s chaotic life and upbringing resulted in severe behavioural problems. She was arrested several times until she was removed from her grandmother’s home and placed into the foster care system at age fourteen. She bounced from group home to group home until she finally received the news she had been waiting so long for; a family wanted to foster her.

41-year-old Lisa Knoefel was a social worker who had committed her entire life to bettering the lives of vulnerable youth. Lisa wanted nothing more than to give Sabrina the love she had never known. 16-year-old Sabrina moved into Lisa's Willoughby Hills, Ohio home with her husband Kevin Knoefel and their two daughters.

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